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"It's hard to describe how much John Dorcic actually changed my life.  Prior to taking an introductory improvisational comedy class with John I regarded the idea of being on stage, without a script, as nothing short of anxiety inducing.  However....John did a brilliant job in opening his heart, mind and sharing his comedic creativity as he ushered myself and a class of improv newbies through the journey of learning the fundamentals of improv.  

That initial journey with John immediately led to my taking two additional classes with him and through that process John was not only my teacher, but he became my good friend.  The beauty of John was that he not only provided accurate feedback when I needed it, but more importantly he always listened to me.  He is truly an amazing listener and incredibly receptive to the thoughts, feelings and feedback of his students.  

Working with John was like working in an improv sanctuary.  There was no judgment.  Rather, there was only excitement as I always came in eager to learn and each week found myself thrilled by the unexpected hilariousness that improv constantly seems to produce.  


In the end, I didn't just learn about improv from John.  Rather, I grew as an individual and improv hasn't left my life since.  For that, I am nothing short of grateful to not only call John my first ever improv teacher, but my long time friend.  


For anyone looking to step outside their comfort zone and jump feet first (or perhaps tip toe) into the waters of improv, don't hesitate to take that risk with John.  You won't regret it. " 


                                                             -Seth Borkowski-

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