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I had the utmost pleasure of attending one of John Dorcic’s improv classes last year (2015). Hands down….it was one of the best experiences and certainly most fun class I have ever taken.  He made a challenging class, especially if you have never taken one before, really …really fun, often hysterical, always stimulating and very doable.  Although I did not have the experience that others in the class had, he always made me feel confident and welcome in the class.  He was a very skilled and accomplished teacher who clearly knew the material and how to teach it.   You will walk away from the class with better acting and improv skills, and life lessons on how to be in the moment and forget about life for a while.  Without a doubt you need to TAKE HIS CLASS…you won’t regret it, and if you do he will make you take it over again. 

                                                                            -Gail M. Berkowitz-

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